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What Guided Meditation Has Done For Me

I tend to make excuses for myself, even when it's for something that benefits me. I imagine this goes hand in hand with the reasonings for procrastination, which is something at which I excel. I finally do get the job done, but it's last minute and can be stress-inducing.

This "adulting" thing in the middle of a pomegranate can be exhausting, even as a single person. I'm talking about beyond just not being in a romantic relationship, but the fact that I have to do everything on my own to take care of myself - like make my meals, wash the dishes, do my laundry, do the grocery shopping, clean my house, etc. The list goes on. I have to do all the chores myself on top of working my 9-5 (which come on, is more like an 8-7 nowadays). My meditation guide tells me meditating is about doing less and more about being and I would love to apply that to my lifestyle as an adult.

I'm new to the practice of focused, guided meditation and it is already helping me. Just three weeks in and I can tell I'm able to pay attention more in my 9-5 and on my personal projects. Even just the five minutes of mindfulness each day that kicked off the start of my morning routine has increased my focus and energy throughout the day. The guided meditation has encouraged me to come back to my breath whenever my thoughts are all over the place and I'm feeling like I'm unable to hone in on what's in front of me. Remembering to give myself a physical focal point like breathing has been clutch during these days of working from home; and when I can log off work, I'm able to more easily shift from work projects to taking care of myself.

This blog post isn't sponsored, but the app I've been using is called Headspace and I have found it to be valuable in introducing me into the world of meditation and it's made the entire concept less abstract. I'm looking forward to going deeper into my practice and seeing what it unlocks in me. Do you have experience with guided meditation and how does it impact your life?

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